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We are a FULL SERVICE residential home design build company that works with builders, subcontractors and artisans from the beginning design concept through the building process to completion. Our role can include some or all of the following items: space consultation, drafting, building design, interior design, budget development and project management.

Our Team is experienced in all facets of building and remodeling to help ensure the success of your project.



A service for the clients who already have their home design plans. We can help you in selecting the materials such as flooring, cabinets, wall materials, light fixtures and plumbing fixtures to ensure they have the functionality and aesthetics that you desire.



Let us help you create interiors that reflect you and your lifestyle. Our furnishing services include floor planning, color palettes, furniture, lighting, window treatments, bedding, home décor, accessories and artwork. We can incorporate your existing furniture or start with a blank canvas. Doing all of this while staying within your budget.



Thinking of an interior rejuvenation? Our team can help with staging your existing furnishings and accessories. Thinking of selling your home? Our team can provide staging services to present your home in its best light. If you are relocating, we can provide furnishings and accessories during the sale process. It is proven that a furnished home sells faster than an empty home.



Landscape: We have a team to help with design and outdoor ideas to compliment your home. This could include lakeshore living, outdoor kitchens and plantings.

Christmas decorating: An annual service option we have provided to our clients for years. Trimming the tree, party preparation and seasonal color themes are some of the elements we create.

Organization: We can coordinate the packing, storage and unpacking of your personal items during and upon completion of your building project.


Our team is here to fill our client requests to ensure a stress free experience in creating their environment!!